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Washing hair in the sink – Pros and Cons

Hair washing is one of the elements under the personal hygiene routine. However, there is no medical reason to wash your hair. The frequency of washing your hair depends upon the person’s hair type, scalp texture, oil content of the hair, and so on.


Moreover, it is ultimately a personal preference. When not washed frequently, some people tend to get greasy and stinking hair and for some, if washed frequently the hair may become very damaged, dry, and lifeless.

So, when decided to wash the hair, there is another big question to be answered. The question is that to whether washing your hair in the sink or the shower? Which is convenient and easy. In this article, we will see the pros and cons to wash your hair in the sink.

Pros of washing hair in the sink

The easiest way to wash hair

Washing your hair in the sink is very much easy. You do not have to prepare yourself as you do when you want to take a shower. So, it is very easy to just wrap a cloth around the neck and start washing the hair.

No water wastage

We can off the tap in the sink whenever you do not want the water to flow on your hair. Doing this in the shower is very difficult.

Protects the eyes

Studies clarify the harmfulness of unwanted chemicals contacting the eyes during a bath. One is prone to more chemicals when one takes a bath in the shower. To protect your eyes, it is better washing your hair in the sink.

Escape from the cold

You can escape from the cold when you wash your hair in the sink. Instead of chilling your whole body, you are got to go when the hair wash is done very easily in the sink.

wash hairCons of washing hair in the sink

The disadvantages are obvious as the sink would not be clean always. The food waste, dirty dishes can make the place unwelcoming.

Washing in the sink is a bad idea for long hair. Tangling can happen in no time while washing hair in the sink.