Family Meals Relationship

The greatest Sunday Meals for the family

Sundays…In a family, Sundays are the day that everyone will gather and enjoy together, other days everyone is busy with their jobs. In some families, they don’t even meet each other too. So Sunday is the best day to sit together and share their feelings while having meals. Sundays are the special day that everyone is with their family so, they can spend time preparing the best meals. To prepare this best meal they spend some time as well as some money.

Sunday meals:

We can’t assume that this is the best Sunday meals for everyone, because every family has a separate traditional food. When it is Sunday you can prepare the food which covers all the family members’ favourite. Sunday’s meal should differ from normal day meals. If it is a non-vegetarian family they prefer any one of the non-veg meals. The vegetarian family prefers paneer, mushroom, and potatoes when it is a special meal.

Sunday meals for nuclear family:

meal for SundayIn a nuclear family like there is 5 members, mostly they don’t want to spend more time preparing meals even on Sunday too but they spend a little bit more than normal days. To those families, Short Rib Pot Pie is the greatest Sunday meal for the family three kids. If it is a non-veg family you can prepare Short Rib Pot Pie with beef and toppings of mushroom for more taste. For Vegetarian family, you can prepare with vegetables like beans, carrots, and potatoes. This Short Rib Pot Pie takes only 30 minutes to prepare needed ingredients and takes 1hr to cook the meal.

Big families Sunday meals:

At least there should 6-8 recipes to serve Sunday meal for the big family according to their family tradition. With, if there are desserts and brewages then that is the perfect big meal for Sunday.  To satisfy the big family you should your valuable time to arrange the place and the food.