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  • No more mess with hard butter or aching wrists with hard ice cream
  • Instant Heated Ice Cream Scoop & Butter Knife at the touch of a button
  • Rechargeable with it's own docking station
  • Washable attachments 


Tired of waiting for your favourite ice cream to reach room temperature before you can scoop it out of the tub? Tired of waiting for butter to soften before you can spread it onto your bread without ending up in a clumpy mess? Well wait no more. EasiChef is the world's first instant heated ice cream scoop and butter knife. 


At the touch of a button EasiChef heats up to the optimal temperature to scoop ice cream straight from the freezer or butter straight from the fridge. Simply attach the scoop or knife, press the button and it's ready to use instantly. Once you're done using it, simply place it in it's own docking station which will charge the unit ready for it's next use. 


The attachments are washable and don't worry. It's all safety tested and the knife will not burn young children's fingers. The scoop does get a little warm though so exercise caution. 

EasiChef - Instant Heated Ice Cream Scoop & Butter Knife

SKU: 0705632904541
Color: Black
  • Estimated Shipping Date November 2018. In the unlikely event we cannot ship to you we will issue you a full refund.