Importance of Ex-husband in Woman’s life

Everyone in the world must hear of this phase, The Marriage is a powerful bond that connects two souls, but modern day’s marriage is a temporary state of attraction between the couples or partners. According to the surveys in the journals and magazines, most of the relationships end in breakups. It is very hard or tough to continue a relationship with your ex-partner.

Why do you need to live with your ex-husband?

As stated in the above paragraph, when you are divorced, you are trying to live with your ex-husband then it is a crucial process because many couples need a divorce to get back their freedom lost in the marriage life.  Women have many reasons to live with an ex-husband. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

Cutting down the Financial Expenses

Only a few people are capable of managing their financial expense after their marriage. The majority of the people in the country prefer to live together to share their family expenses to lead a comfortable life. Some couples prefer to live together before marriage to share their expenditure between them.

false relationship

Parenting Care

The parenting is the duty and responsibility of every married couple. The development of a child depends on the environment he/she lives, hence most of the couples accept to live together for the well being of the loved young child.

Social Status

Some people prefer to live together for the sake of their families. People have social status, maintains their fame by maintaining a false relationship.

marriageWhat are the pros and cons of living with your ex-husband?

Many of the separated couples would found a simple question meaningful. Why couldn’t be friends if we can’t be good couples? According to the surveys, the answer to this question is clearly yes, which denotes that they are happy to share their life as a friend but not on an obligation. The pros and cons of living with an ex-husband from a woman point of view, described as follows

Coordinating with one another

Your ex-husband always love you, but you don’t live together due to some other main reason revolving around your family then in such cases you when are living with ex-husband. You will be probably more pampered by your husband since there is no disagreement between you and your ex-husband.

Well known to each other

The main point is since your ex-husband knows you better, he uses this for blaming you in the case of faults or problems.